About Us


Who We Are

We are Summer's Therapy Services! Since 2015, we have been providing both home-based and centre-based speech therapy to children with special needs. We work with children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other diagnoses.

Why We Started Summer's Therapy Resources

Our passion for children with special needs led us to set up this store to bring you amazing therapy resources. Additionally, we strongly believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to let their talent shine! Hence, we collaborate with individuals with special needs to uncover their hidden talent!

Better Tools ... and Price

Some commercialized oral motor tools are expensive and inappropriate to support children's oral motor, feeding and speech development.Therefore, we choose 'alternative' oral motor tools which have the following criteria:

  • Commonly available
  • More affordable
  • Appropriate

Let Them Shine

We source some of our products from home businesses, giving them a platform to display their talent and support themselves financially.

Our Collaborators

Knotting Ventured

Knotting Ventured is a home business by Lizie, a home-maker based in Australia. Every item is lovingly hand-made with amazing fabrics. She also custom-makes cloth sensory toys, according to our suggestions, based on the needs of the children. These toys are:

  • Sustainable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Space-efficient

This is perfect for us as travelling therapists, as well as the families in Singapore and many other countries, where space is a luxury.

Jon & Jul

Julie (the ‘Jul’ in ‘Jon & Jul’) is a home-maker and mother to Jonathan (the ‘Jon’), a 20-year-old with Autism. She is the creative hands behind ‘Jon & Jul’, hand-crafting each beautiful card and painting with Jonathan.

She started ‘Jon & Jul’ after Jon’s graduation from school and does not have much to engage his days with. Julie spends much of her time guiding Jon with the different steps in creating those awesome cards and inspiring paintings.

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